History Page

Records from the Postal Service Archives show that on June 14, 1883, the post office of Jumbo, Indiana was established on the Chicago and Atlantic railroad. The original Boone Grove post office was located at what is now 202 W. 450 S. Enoch Jones officially was recorded as the postmaster but it was said his wife worked the post office as he tended his farm. On July 20, 1883 Jumbo was changed to Boone Grove. In 1881 the railroad built a single set of tracks for the people of this area and the population increased so much that in the next two years Boone Grove got a new post office. In 1916, Erie railroad, owning the right-of-way, installed a double track and with the high embankments, a bridge was constructed over 350 W. 550 S.

Some of the above information was complied by the late William Roeske, Postmaster.